Personal Injury

Personal Injury lawyer
Injuries occur each and every day, whether they are physical, mental, or economic-related. If you have recently been injured, we can help you. Sometimes these injuries are due to someone else's actions. If this is the case, you may have a civil claim against that person. You can view our Civil Claims page by clicking the link.

It's extremely important to us that those who have been injured get the proper compensation for that injury. If you cannot come to an agreement with the other party involved relating to an injury, you need to partner with a team that has the knowledge and experience to take it to the court system. Injuries can be very expensive, and by not hiring the right firm for your case, you could be leaving much of your deserved compensation on the table.

Our process for personal injuries starts with an informal request to resolve the matter outside of the court system, which can expedite compensation for your injury. If the matter cannot be resolved outside of the courts, we will file a complaint on your behalf and take the necessary actions to ensure you get what you deserve.

Our experts at Rosenberg & Associates will lead you down the right path and be sure that the proper actions are taken for a successful verdict. We have worked with many different clients on numerous personal injury cases and our team understands how the outcomes of these cases can drastically change your life. Personal injury cases can go on for a long time, so be sure and choose the right firm with the stamina and drive to see through until the end.

If you have been injured physically, mentally, or economically and you believe that you are owed compensation for that injury, call our law office today to schedule a free consultation. We hope to hear from you soon.