Dog Bite Attorneys

Dog bite cases and dog attack claims are complex personal injury cases that require the knowledge of experienced dog bite attorneys. Understanding the type of evidence that must be preserved and presented in order to prove your eligibility for compensation from the owner of the dog is essential in recovering damages.

The attorneys of Rosenberg and Associates have experience investigating and litigating dog bite cases. Dog bite cases can be difficult to prove. However, hiring an attorney who is well-versed in the laws governing dog bite cases is the first step to obtaining a fair award for your injuries.

Dog owners can be held responsible when a dog bites or attacks another person. Your claim will depend on several elements including, but not limited to, applicable leash laws, the dog’s history and medical condition. When we are retained by or on behalf of a dog bite victim, our investigators immediately begin gathering information and evidence to use as we prepare for a settlement proposal or for a trial.

Dog Bite Victims Have a Right to Reasonable Compensation

Even though money can never make up for the trauma you have suffered due to a dog bite or dog attack, it can help relieve the financial burden placed on you and your family. It may take months to completely determine the extent of your injuries. Many dog bite victims require reconstructive surgery to fully recover from a dog attack while some victims may have permanent damage and will never fully recover.

In addition to the medical issues involved in dog bite cases, the insurance issues can also be quite complex. Because many dog attack cases are covered by homeowner’s insurance, you need an attorney who can protect you from aggressive insurance adjusters who want to settle your case quickly for a minimal amount. We also have extensive experience evaluating the nature and extent of your injuries, the economic loss sustained, and the liability issues involved to determine the appropriate value of your claim.

Furthermore, if you were injured while working, you may also be dealing with a worker’s compensation claim. Even your health insurance can be an issue if it covered medical costs associated with the dog bite and now demands reimbursement from settlement proceeds under its subrogation rights. Our attorneys sort through the insurance issues involved in dog bite cases to ensure that you receive as much money as possible from the settlement proceeds.

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