Probate & Estates

Losing a loved one is a stressful and emotional time in your life. Dealing with funeral arrangements can be overwhelming. However, funeral planning is only one step in handling the affairs of a loved one when he or she passes. After the funeral, you must deal with taking care of your loved one’s estate. Having an experienced probate attorney to help guide you through the probate process will make this task much less stressful on you and your family.

Probate Administration

Unfortunately, the death of a loved often means the additional responsibility of dealing with his or her assets and liabilities. The decedent’s estate must be probated in order to transfer title to property, distribute assets, administer trusts, determine estate tax liabilities, sell assets and pay debts. This can be overwhelming for the executor or personal representative. Our probate attorneys have the experience and knowledge you need in order to make the probate process less stressful. Our team will guide you through each step of the probate process including inventorying and distributing assets, objecting to and paying claims, selling assets and transferring titles.

If disagreements arise, the knowledge and advice of an attorney is often required to resolve problems. If the matter cannot be resolved outside of the probate court, you need an experienced probate litigation attorney to represent your interests. The probate attorneys of Rosenberg & Associates have the experience you need to make sure that your loved one’s final wishes are carried out.

Estate planning

Of course, the best way to reduce the risk of disagreements is to retain the services of an experienced Ohio estate planning attorney. Through estate planning you can ensure that your financial affairs and your healthcare instructions will be followed. Our experienced estate planning attorneys use their knowledge of the probate system to help avoid future problems and issues by setting forth your final wishes in legal terms.

There are many facets to estate planning including:

  • Asset protection
  • Healthcare decisions and healthcare powers of attorney
  • Long-term care plans
  • Life insurance
  • Guardianships
  • Liquidation of assets
  • Distribution of assets
  • Estate tax planning

Our attorneys assist clients with simple estates as well as clients who require complex estate planning services. No one likes to think about their own death; however, through estate planning you can make sure that your loved ones are taken care of after your passing and that your final wishes are carried out.

Without proper estate planning, your assets may not be distributed according to your wishes and your loved ones may be burdened with additional estate tax liability. Furthermore, without proper estate planning, your loved ones may face unnecessary probate litigation as they argue over your estate.

Comprehensive approach to estate planning and probate services

The experienced probate lawyers of Rosenberg & Associates believe that estate planning is the key to reducing the stress placed on families dealing with the loss of a loved one. Through comprehensive estate planning services and probate administration assistance, our firm helps clients make sure that their final wishes are carried out and loved ones have the help they need to navigate the probate process.

Probate lawyers who care

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