Debt Defense and Other Civil Litigation

Today it is an unfortunate fact that money is necessary to conduct transactions and almost all forms of business. Creditors and lenders can use this leverage and take advantage of unsuspecting people when lending money. If you are in the process of trying to resolve your debt issues and/or trying to pay your debt off, and the creditor is still harassing you, our team of attorneys may be able to help.

We can also assist clients when a party signs a contract and that contract is unfair, or when the contract is fair and the other party breaches that contract. Contracts can be difficult to analyze no matter which side you are on. Contract disputes are some of the most common forms of civil litigation, and we have been successful in resolving issues for numerous clients on both sides. If you are currently in a contract that you now realize is unfair, or your contract has been breached by the other party, we may be able to offer a resolution.

Our debt defense and civil litigation process starts with an informal request to resolve the matter outside of the court system, which will save both parties involved time, money and stress. If the matter cannot be resolved that way, we will file a complaint on your behalf and take all of the necessary actions to protect you in your case.

Contact our office today if you are currently looking for debt defense against creditors, or if you are looking for representation for civil litigation. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced attorneys have successfully represented numerous clients in debt defense and civil litigation cases and would love the opportunity to help you in your case. We hope to hear from you soon and work with you on your case.