Family Law

divorce child custody lawyer Rosenberg & Associates has been assisting clients in their Family Law cases for over a decade and can help you. Family Law requires attorneys to have compassion, knowledge, and experience with a wide variety of scenarios so the correct strategy and adjustments can be implemented for an optimal outcome. When you choose Rosenberg & Associates, you get all of this and more.

Family Law is comprised of four main categories:

  • Divorce
  • Dissolution
  • Custody
  • Post-Decree Matters

Below you can find information on each of these categories.


Divorce cases can be difficult situations for all parties, especially when children are involved. Decisions must be made for the best interest of the family, and our client’s protection is a top priority. It’s our job to help you retain what is yours as well as get a decision that you are comfortable with. Our advice and strategy around the divorce cases we take on revolve around making the best decisions and compromises for our clients to ensure their protection, both financially and emotionally, regarding their future. Call us today to set up a divorce consultation.


Dissolution cases relating to Family Law pertain to ending a legal agreement such as marriage. Like divorce cases, dissolution cases can be hard on family life. Our experts will help protect you and your assets as well as assist you in making the best decisions for your family. Contact our offices today to get more information on how we can be of service in your dissolution case.

Child Custody

Not only can child custody be tough on the parents involved, but it can be even tougher on the children. We want to help you with your child custody case and get what is best for your child / children. If you are currently looking for a reputable and knowledgeable law firm that will fight for you in your child custody case, call our office for a free consultation. We will discuss your best options and help you develop a strategy moving forward.

Post-Decree Matters

Our attorneys at Rosenberg & Associates have successfully argued numerous post-decree cases specifically relating to child support, spousal support, and visitation rights. It’s important to us that all of our clients get fair outcome in post-decree cases, so call us today to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need an attorney?
    • That is a very common question, but a very important question as well. Every situation is different and sometimes you don’t. At Rosenberg & Associates, we will help you decide if legal representation is necessary. Oftentimes when you are looking for a divorce, dissolution or help with another domestic relations issue, the answer might be yes, but here at Rosenberg & Associates we will help you determine what option is best for you.
  • Is divorce right for me?
    • This another very common question. A lot of times, the answer is no. Some parties do get along throughout the entire proceeding, and perhaps divorce is not the right choice. There are other ways to do it besides a divorce. One way is a legal separation. This is a temporary option. Divorce is a permanent legal tool that can disrupt not only your lives but the lives of your children. The other option is a dissolution. In a dissolution, the parties agree to all terms and work together to amicably resolve all issues in a non-adversarial manner. Here at Rosenberg & Associates, we put our client’s interests first: if we feel that divorce is not right for you, we will tell you.
  • How do I prepare my children for divorce?
    • A very common but important question. A lot of time, people forget about the children. We at Rosenberg & Associates believe that children are of primary importance. No matter what happens, the parents must ensure that the children understand that it is not their fault. Oftentimes, children who are too young to fully understand what is going on can internalize the harsh feelings and may not fully understand why one parent is not around as often as before. Therefore, it is important for both parents to be around and that throughout the entire process, both parents show that they love and care for the children, no matter what happens between their parents. With older children, while they may understand the divorce concept and process, they still need to be reassured that one or both parents still love them very much. Additionally, there must be a unified front between both parents to ensure that the children do not believe that one parent loves them more than the other. Here at Rosenberg & Associates, we believe it is important to show the children that their parents love them and not to use them as pawns to gain an advantage against the other parent in a proceeding. Studies show that the only winners in long, drawn out custody battles are the attorneys and the children never win.
  • What does a divorce do?
    • A divorce is a very complicated and permanent process that separates you both physically and emotionally from your spouse. Here, at Rosenberg & Associates, we understand both concepts, and while the legal proceeding may only deal with the physical separation (money, property, children), we also understand that there is an emotional separation as well. While a divorce proceeding may seem cold and unemotional, it is everything but. The main goal of the proceeding is to equally divide all assets and debts accumulated during marriage, however long or short that may have been, and oftentimes emotions can interfere with rationality. It is important not to let emotions get the better of you or your attorney, and that is why it is important to hire an experienced lawyer to help guide you through the sea of emotions that you will experience during the divorce process.